If you want to keep people staring at the magnificence of your wooden floor when they enter your house, you’ve got to do a lot of things to keep it looking like it did when you first got it installed. There are so many ways a beautiful floor can get damaged, but with proper maintenance and repairs, you can keep your floor looking great. We’ll show you some of the things you should keep in mind to do just that.

  • Don’t walk around on your wooden floor with high heels, cleats or golf shoes, because they can cause a lot of dents and scratches on your floor.
  • Keep your pets’ nails or claws trimmed to prevent your floor from getting scratched.
  • Always keep mats or throw rugs by every entrance, so that people can wipe their feet on it before they walk around on your wooden floor. If you don’t, it may become scratched by the tiny particles of dirt or grit from the dirty shoes.
  • If you need to mover furniture or other heavy objects, don’t slide them across the floor – lift them instead, so that you don’t scuff the surface of the floor.
  • You should place plastic or felt pads under the legs of your furniture so that they don’t scrape or scuff the floor.
  • Immediately wipe spills right away, with a towel that’s slightly damp.
  • Always use blinds, shutters, curtains, blind and other methods to block out the sun from fading the wooden floor. Keep rearranging the positions of the rugs and furniture so that the floor will evenly age.
  • In the winter, use a humidifier to help reduce the gaps or cracks that your floor may experience.

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