In our last post, we spoke about some of the myths you may have heard about wooden flooring. There are a number of things you should know about wooden flooring so that you can easily debunk the myths and avoid getting fooled by them. We’re going to show you a continuation of these myths…


  • Lots of people think wooden floors don’t add any warmth to a room and that’s false, because it has a great insulating capacity. Not only can it keep your home warm in terms of actual temperature, but it also adds a warm aura to the room as well.
  • Lots of people think wooden floors show more dirt/dust than other types of floors. In fact, the dust and dirt that may be present on the wooden floor isn’t as obvious as it is on other flooring options.
  • Lots of people think cutting trees to make wooden flooring contributes to global warming. This is untrue, as the actual main cause of the dilemma is the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the case of wood flooring, it is a carbon neutral product.
  • Lots of people think wooden floors can’t stand up to kids and pets, but they actually can. It depends on the different species of wood, because the different species have different levels of durability and hardness.
  • Lots of people think engineered wooden floors aren’t real wooden floors. Wrong! They are made of multiple layers of wood or of wood composite veneers. The only things that are non-wood components in that type of flooring are the adhesives which are used to bind the veneers together and the finish that is applied to protect it.


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