If you want to ensure that you want to take care of your hardwood floor, then there are a number of things you need to do or to avoid doing when you want to keep your hardwood floor in good condition. If you want to increase your hardwood floor’s traction and its attractiveness, then you should definitely follow these tips for doing just that.

  • One option is to use non-skid clear tape. This is particularly useful for corridors, stairs and steps. You can improve the aesthetics of the floor if you install your flooring very well and you can create a very good grip on your hardwood floor while still maintaining its beauty. You need to be careful when you’re removing this tape though, because it can remove the wood varnish while it’s being replaced.
  • Another action you can take is to employ carpet stair treads, which is a great way to increase the traction and complement the beauty of your hardwood floors. You’ll need to secure the threads by using double-sided carpet tape on them and maybe place the rug at the bottom of the hardwood flooring staircase to add some traction there too.
  • Yet another option is to use non-skid flooring coating, which differs from non-skid floor tape, as it doesn’t damage your hardwood floor. It also doesn’t remove from the sophisticated appearance of the floor. Many non-skid floor coatings tend to dull the hardwood floor’s shine, but there are still a number of coatings that may allow the hardwood floor to shine just like a well-polished one.

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