Although it’s quite easy to maintain the wooden floor in your home or office, and to keep it looking good, there are still a number of things you should be careful with because they can cause an immense amount of damage to it. You may not even realize that some of the things you’re doing are damaging your floor. So before you do anything new on your floor, you might want to do read this post, so we can enlighten you on some of those things. Check them out.


  • You may be damaging your wooden floor by vacuuming it with a rotating brush. It may too harsh on your floor – instead, you should turn off the brush roll or use a floor brush attachment.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor if you are wet-cleaning it too often. You don’t need to be cleaning your wooden floor more than once or twice a month if it isn’t getting tons of foot traffic. You just have to keep your floors well-vacuumed instead.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor if you keep drenching it with cleaning solutions. You should tackle small areas at a time when you wet-clean your floor. Ensure that you use a damp mop or cloth to clean and then dry them thoroughly.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor with steam cleaners, especially if your floor is old/worn or if it’s a wax finish. If you must use steam, you need to keep it moving along tour floor, not in one spot for too long.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor by using the incorrect rug pad, which includes rubber-backed mats or rubber mesh pads – they tend to dull the shine of your floor or cause discoloration. Instead, use a combination felt and rubber pad, under your rugs.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor by leaving it exposed to the sun. You need to avoid that by keeping the blinds drawn when the sun I s harsh, so that you don’t discolor or dry out your flooring’s finish.
  • You may be damaging your wooden floor if you aren’t careful with sharp or course objects. Pet claws and high heeled shoes are a couple of the culprits that damage floors, so ensure that you trim your pets’ nails and don’t walk on the floor in high heels.


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