There are a number of different individual species of wood, which come in a number of different characteristics, like color, grain and physical features. We’re going to show you some of the things that you should know about the appearance and the factors which impact the appearance of the wooden floor as well.


There is the grade of wood and the cut of the wood as well.


The grade is actually based on the wood’s physical characteristics. They all vary in appearance, but they are all just as strong and serviceable. We’re going to describe them for you.

  • Clear wood: It’s has a uniformed look and color, with very few character marks.
  • Select wood: It has knots, mineral streaks, color variations and various other characteristics.
  • 1 Common: It has a varied appearance, with things like knots, mineral streaks, and wormholes. It may come in dark or light colors as well.
  • 2 Common: It has a rustic look, and it emphasizes its species features.


The cut is the angle that you cut the board at and it affects the finish look of the floor. It may be plainsawn, quartersawn, riftsawn or livesawn. The descriptions of each cut are below.

  • Plainsawn: This is the most common kind, with a varied grain appearance.
  • Quartersawn: This costs more than the plainsaw and has a uniform grain appearance with ray flecks which give the wood a shimmering flake effect.
  • Riftsawn: This is costlier than the plainsawn as well and has features similar to those of the quartersawn, except there are no ray flecks.
  • Livesawn: This is pretty much a combination of the three previously described cuts.


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