Termites can do some really terrible damage to a wooden floor or to any wooden structure, for that matter. That’s why you need to stop the termites right in their tracks, so that they can’t enter your home and begin wreaking havoc onto your wooden items. Given any chance, they will make your home their very own and cause extensive damage which will require expensive repairs and renovation.


If you need to check out your floor to see if you can spot any signs of termite damage, you should look for the following:

  • Your floor may begin to sag, because the insects have attacked the joists of the floor (its supports).
  • Despite the likely lack of visible damage, you may realize that the wood may be weak and would easily give away after general use.
  • If your floor has termites, you may realize that the back of the laminate has been eaten off and start sagging and blistering. You will begin to see hollow tunnels under areas that are buckled.


If your wooden floor has termite damage, then you may hear some sounds that can signify that to you.

  • You may hear quite a lot of squeaking, because the floorboards are moving and they may squeak or creak as the boards rub against the nails and against each other. The weaker the floor, the more sensitive it is to movement.
  • You can tap on the floor and you may hear a hollow sound caused by the cavities that termites create when they eat out the floor boards.


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