A shining, beautiful hardwood floor is a quite a sight to see. Not only is it going to make you proud, but it will ensure that the quality and value of your floor stays high. Once your Ottawa flooring needs are in our hands, you can rest assured that your hardwood floor will look as good as new for a very long time.


There are actually two main ways that you can keep your hardwood floor shining bright – they are maintenance and repairs. Check them out.


Maintenance for your hardwood floor:

  • Remove the dulling build-up of dust and grit, because it may cause your floor to look dull. Clean your hardwood floors by sweeping it regularly or attaching a felt head to your vacuum to avoid damaging your floor.
  • Immediately clean any spills that fall on your floor with a soft cloth, so that the wood’s fibers won’t become damaged.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and dampen it in hardwood cleaner, to dust mop your hardwood floor and keep it shining.


Repairs for your hardwood floor:

  • Ensure that you have your hardwood floor intensively cleaned with a professional wooden floor cleaning machine.
  • Use an intensive hardwood floor cleaner, recommended by your floor’s manufacturer, to scrub your floor and then scrub it again with a commercial floor cleaner and polish it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t wait too long to re-coat your floor. Clean it with the intensive floor cleaner, then use regular floor cleaner and use a professional cleaning machine to scrub it. After that, you can apply a new coat of finish and re-polish the floor.
  • Get your professional floor re-sanded with a professional floor sanding machine, then use an intensive cleaner and add a new coat of finish to give it some shine.


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