There are a number of things that you need to know about hardwood flooring. We’re going to show you some of them, so that you can make the best of the flooring that you want to install.


Many people want to ensure that their home’s hardwood floor lasts for a very long time. The durability of your flooring is absolutely important – you need to know that it will serve you well and stand up against the elements that it encounters. The floor’s hardness is the best indicator of its durability, and hardwood floors that are treated with the 10 coats of an aluminum oxide finish.


You should note that engineering wooden flooring is much better than a solid wood flooring, because they are thicker and made of higher quality wood. Also, they are much more dimensionally stable and can last for quite a number of years and can actually be refinished a couple times. Modern technology, such as a UV-cured urethane finishes with melamine, can create a very durable finish on both the engineered and solid wood floors as well.


Another important thing you should know about hardwood flooring is the that you should be very careful when using it for your kitchen. You need to be careful because the hardwood floor may become permanently damaged or stained by food or liquid spills. Ensure that if there are any spills, you wipe them up immediately with a clean, dry cloth.


You also need to keep your hardwood floor safe from your pets – dogs, cats, birds and even turtles. Their claws may cause some significant damage to the finish of your wood; the objects or toys they may be playing with, can cause damage too; and even the food or water that they spill can cause problems for your floor as well. Make sure to trim your pet’s claws regularly and quickly clean up any messes they cause on the floor to prevent permanent damage.


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