If you want a different look or for your floor, you have to get the type of wood that caters to that desire. There are quite a number of types of wood you can choose from. In the previous blog post, we told you about some of them: Ash, Beech, Cherry, Jarrah and Jatoba. Now, we’re going to show several more of the main options available for creating your perfect hardwood floor.


There’s Maple, which is easy to maintain and it gives your room a very open feel. The light maple is particularly great choice for this, especially in smaller areas.


There’s Merbau, which is a durable option, which gives your hardwood floor a majestic look. It’s also a very special option, as it has a unique surface which is enriched with mineral deposits. It’s great for use both indoors and outdoors as well.


There’s Oak, that’s a long-lasting, tough and versatile choice, with various options in terms of colors and finishes.


There’s Rosewood, and despite the fact that it’s a fairly straight grain, it may also have an interlocked wavy grain in some cases. This wood has very lavish, rich tones and is durable, without the need for constant maintenance.


There’s Walnut, which is dense, durable and usually very dark in color. This type of wood has some very knotty grains and are a great choice for laying it down for your hardwood floor.


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