If you want some help or advise for your Ottawa hardwood flooring, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the knowledge you need to learn, in order to keep your wooden floor beautiful and safe. Some of that knowledge includes information about the different things that may actually be causing your hardwood floor to get damaged on a daily basis.


  • Using cleaning products directly on your floor can cause damage to your floor. Just like water is absorbed into wood, so is the cleaning product, and it tends to cause swelling and an uneven look in your floor as time progresses.
  • Walking in high heel shoes across your wooden floor, can cause damage to your floor’s finish, especially if the shoe is a very pointed heel.
  • Not sweeping your wooden floor can cause dirt and grime to build up and dull the shine of your floor’s finish.
  • Dragging appliances or heavy furniture across your hardwood floor, without the use of felt pads, can damage your floor as well. It’s better to carefully lift your furniture off the floor and carry it to its destination.
  • Setting down potted plants directly on your wooden floor means that it is possible for leakage to occur and cause damage to your floor.
  • Not waxing your wooden floors is another way that it can become damaged, because then your floor’s finish will become dull and will be left unprotected.
  • Leaving your hardwood floor unprotected in high water areas can be very damaging as well. You need to ensure that if you have a wooden floor in your bathroom for example, then that means that you must have a mat or a cloth that you can stand on when you come out of the bathroom. You must also have a mop or cloth available to immediately mop up any water that’s on the floor.


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